If you or your clients wish to fetch banks and credit card statements through our Bank Fetching feature you would have to request an individual invitation code from our Support team.

Note: Every Trial Account has 1 free fetch that can be used for the test purposes.

Once the invitation code has been submitted and validated you or your client can choose between Canadian and U.S. banks, continue by choosing U.S., then you or your client should the screen below which will allow choosing the banks that need to be fetched.

After completing the bank account authentication, you will see the list of accounts. Click "View trans" button next to the account that you want to fetch statements from.

After clicking the "View trans" button, you should now see the transactions on that account. To fetch your statement, first filter the transaction by date, using the date selector on the top left.

Once you have filtered by date, you can click "Save as PDF" and your file should be created under "Fetched Statements" folder under your company. (Note: "Fetched Statements" folder is by default only accessible by owner of the company in LedgerDocs. To give access to other members, click here for a text guide or click here for a video guide.)

You can also choose to export your file to your computer by clicking the appropriate buttons on the top left.

If your client is using a bank account that has 2- steps authentication requirement, then in order to fetch the account and gain access to the On Demand fetch please ask your client to add your cell phone number to his security settings.

Happy Fetching :)

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