Once you have captured your document(s), you are now able to choose the company, create notes, and add tags. It is important to utilize these features as they give context to your documents, as well as help to maintain an organized and structured system.

  • Starting from the “Tag It” screen, the first step is to choose the company that you would like to add your document to. Simply tap the “Company” button where a list of potential companies will appear. 

  • Now, you are able to tap on the grey patch labelled “Notes”. This allows for you to enter notes pertaining to the document you just captured. Make sure you are thorough! 

  • To add a tag, tap the “Tags” button, which will bring up a list of pre-made tags. Enter any ones that relate to your document. 

  • The last step is to press “Send”. A final page will appear with the information you have just entered. By tapping “Continue”, you will be able to finish the process and send your document(s).

Once the documents have been sent, an email will be received by the LedgerDocs account holder notifying them of the new documents.

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